Young Adult Literature Information
What is Young Adult Literature?
Young Adult Literature (YA) is fiction that is written to target readers between the ages of 12 to 18.  YA literature can tend to have topics that are more appropriate for readers ages 15 to 20.  Common themes for YA include friendships, dating, race, money, divorce, problems with family members, and sex.

Why the concern?
Parents and students have a concern about the subject matter of Young Adult Literature(YA). Although (YA) has those topics, all of the books do not contain these topics. We ask the students to sensor their own choice of books. Additionally, we ask students to refer to their guardians to ensure the books they are checking out are acceptable.

How do students know if it is YA?
Each YA book will be labeled with YA and the librarian will also alert the student.
If a student checks out a book and it is not something they like, the book can be returned.

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