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Monroeville Middle School’s

COVID Emergency Operations Plan


COVID-19 Prevention Strategies to Be Implemented

Monroe County Public Schools will work to mitigate the spread of COVID through cleaning, social distancing, encouragement of mask, encouragement of vaccination, spacing as recommended by the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as possible, and following current guidelines and recommendations from the APDH and CDC.


Steps to Take When a Student, Teacher, or Staff Member Has Been Exposed to Someone with COVID-19, Has Symptoms of COVID-19, or Tests Positive for COVID-19

  1.   If an individual reports a positive COVID test, a report card will be submitted to the ADPH. Current reporting and isolation/quarantine time frames will be given. Individuals who test positive for or are diagnosed with COVID must stay home for 10 days following the onset of symptoms or the positive test result, be 24 hours without fever or fever reducing medications, and experience symptom improvement before returning from isolation.
  2. If individual experiences symptoms of COVID, the individual will be sent home and advised to seek care from their health care provider. Pending health care provider diagnosis, current ADPH guidelines will be followed.
  3. If an individual has been exposed to COVID, current ADPH isolation guidelines will be followed. Current guidelines per ADHP:
  1. Asymptomatic close contacts who meet the K-12 classroom student exclusion do not need to be sent home unless they symptoms develop. If all individuals are engaged in the consistent and correct use of well-fitted mask, were 3 feet or more from an infected individual, and increased ventilation is in place, per ADPH guidelines will be excluded from close contact.
  2. Asymptomatic vaccinated close contacts do not need to be sent home but should monitor for symptoms, and isolate if symptoms develop.
  3.  Asymptomatic close contacts who have tested positive for and recovered from COVID-19 in the prior 3 months do not need to be sent home unless they develop symptoms.
  4.  Unvaccinated individuals who are identified as a close contact and do not meet the K-12 indoor classroom student criteria must be sent home. ADPH information will be provided to these students.


Protocol Differences for People Who Are Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19 Versus Those Who Are Not Fully Vaccinated

ADPH and CDC recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals will be followed.





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