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Katina S. Odoms

Katina Odoms

I am the wife of Duran Odoms. I am the mother of two outstanding children, Kataviya and Anthony. Having been raised in Beatrice, I am a graduate of JFS. I have received a BS in Accounting from Alabama A&M University (GO BULLDOGS!!!). I earned a Master's and an Education Specialist Degree in Mathematics Education from Alabama State University. I also hold a Class A Certificate in Instructional Leadership obtain by completing additional coursework at the University of West Alabama. 

As an educator, my philosophy is that all students are capable of learning given the appropriate variables. Some of which being: setting, commitment, and resources. Motivation and encouragement from all stakeholders are very important variables as well! Thanks in advance for assisting me in making sure all needs are met so that our students are properly educated. The children are indeed our future and I take pride in shaping it.